[OSM-dev] josm: Gentoo package and plugins

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Sat Sep 8 01:59:54 BST 2007

On Friday 07 September 2007 22:47:02 Andreas Volz wrote:
> Without this we could only create packages with SVN checkout date as
> version number.

We could release for example osm-server-svn-xxx.ebuild where xxx is the svn 
release number and osm-server-svn-9999999.ebuild. The first ebuild checksout 
svn release number xxx, the latter the last svn release. Tipically the first 
is ~arch keyworded the last has no keywords at all. Some people responsible 
of ebuild management releases periodically new xxx + y ebuilds after have 
testing those release for a bit. These togheter with other osm related 
ebuilds should go in a gentoo overlay with an xml file descriptor accessible 
via web and usable with layman.  This implies the user has only to launch 
layman -S to sync the overlay and have osm stuff automagically emergeable and 
updatable as all other gentoo stuff (an with a bit of control about the 
stability). As alternative we could think to open a bug on bugs.gentoo.org 
for every new ebuild, and to contact sunrise overlay to include it. This 
would give more visibility to the osm stuff and more possibilities to have it 
in the main portage tree. Howewer it think this is not good as osm and 
related tools does not have officially released tarballs, and changes in svn 
happens very often.

I'm following the first way on another projects and friends subscribed to my 
overlay are very happy. I gived to some of them svn write access so we manage 
all togheter the overlay with a very little bit of work.


	Nicola Ranaldo

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