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Mon Sep 10 21:47:13 BST 2007

Dave - It's not urgent, but I'd appreciate it if you moved Montgomery County
and Baltimore City, Maryland up in the queue, behind whatever is being
actively worked on but ahead of The Rest.  Baltimore City is FIPS code
24510, as opposed to Baltimore County 24005, which is done already.
Unfortunately some lists just have them both as "Baltimore," and some
erroneously suppress one or the other as redundant.  They are disjoint.

A few more notes from the field:

1.  Osmarender seems to be choking on at least one tile containing both
TIGER and (a very little of) my data, in Howard County.  Search the map for
21044 and you'll see what I mean.  The Mapnik version looks good, though.

2.  I had questioned the rendering of cul-de-sacs, but they are rendered
correctly.  The TIGER database itself is at fault.  It tends to include
driveways at the far end, presumably through algorithmic misinterpretation
of aerial photographs, seeing streets with roundabouts quite near the end
rather than cul-de-sacs.  Nothing to be done but clean up manually or let
them be.

3.  Most curved links have highway=motorway_link, even if they link
residential streets.  This looks rather silly, but again, will eventually
get cleaned up by hand.

Again, nice work on all this.

Tom Permutt
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