[OSM-dev] Missing pieces: TIGER A21 vs. P21

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Thu Sep 13 16:20:40 BST 2007

I saw a break in a US highway near where I live in Oregon.  


I investigated and realized that there is a set of roads with a cfcc
(TIGER term for feature type) of 'P21'.  These were supposed to have
been converted to A21, which is a 'highway=primary' in OSM-speak.  This
is according to this:


According to this page:


There are 1379 P21 features and 780816 A21 features.  This means that
we're missing ~0.17% of the A21 roads.

I was thinking that I'll just re-run over the data and produce
shapefiles for _just_ these P21 roads.  Then, upload those separately.
They won't be connected to the A21 roads if I upload them this way, but
they'll at least be there.

Or, I could start re-generating the .osm files for all the counties that
I haven't uploaded yet and actually fix this, then just go back and do a
pass as I described for the counties that have already been uploaded.

-- Dave

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