[OSM-dev] API 0.5 is on the way

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Sep 14 00:32:55 BST 2007


> I believe Frederik and Gabriel are effectively [...]
> writing the 0.5 API specification in a more sensible way.

I agree the 0.4 specification looked a bit headstrong by concentrating
on which HTTP request type is used for something, and by trying to be
very precise. In a way, the 0.4 spec was a real *protocol* spec as the
page name suggested, while what people (understandably) want seems to
be more of an API reference.

I have re-structured things a bit and tried to make the whole thing a
bit more readable, at the expense of a little precision here and
there. I plan to add more real-world examples for the responses but I
think they might best be placed on an extra page with links in
between, in order not to disturb the reading flow too much:


Let me know what you think about the structure. The plan is to more or
less remove the first two chapters ("OSM Protocol Version 0.5
prototype" and "Development Status") once 0.5 is in production, so
that what is now chapter 3 is then the whole article.

I have also added the calls suggested by Martijn
(/api/0.5/<objtype>/<id>/relations to list all relations the object is
part of), and fixed the formerly broken /api/0.5/relation/<id>/full
call; all of these are now available on the live test server.


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