[OSM-dev] JOSM development moved to Frederick Ramm

Immanuel Scholz imi at eigenheimstrasse.de
Sun Sep 16 01:09:21 BST 2007


as some of you may noticed already, I haven't done much stuff on JOSM in
the last weeks or even month. I could blame a shortage of time or
something like that for it, but this would not be the real reason.

My interest just shifted from mapping to something else, like
girlfriends and such minor things to pay attention at ;-). so I give
away the "JOSM coding chief position" to the community (=you).

I think Frederick Ramm is the one with the most knowledge of JOSM
internals, so I hope he will take the flag and continue as the project
leader (if necessary).

You can still ask me questions about the code or with problems of the
migration to the new website (see below) to help out if something looks
strange, but don't excpect too much feedback.

The JOSM site has been moved from my personal server here at home to the
"official openstreetmap.de - server" administrated by some german geeks,
You can contact them via admin at openstreetmap.de. So if you have
complains, go there now ;-). All scripts and stuff should be already
migrated, included the nightly build.

So if you are used to the URL "josm.openstreetmap.de", nothing should
have changed. If you still have bookmarks to something like
"josm.eigenheimstrasse.de", you should change them now, as I will remove
the links in some weeks.

Guys'n'Girls - it was a great time. See you all some day..

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