[OSM-dev] OSM, AND & India

Ante Wessels ante at ffii.org
Mon Sep 17 08:59:47 BST 2007

I met Nagarjuna G, chairman of the FSF India. One of the projects he is 
working on is open map data in India. They are experimenting with things like 
uploading tracks via sms. They would like to buy gps chips and build their 
own devices. Especially in Mumbai mappers are active.

I told him AND offered the main roads of India to OSM. He was very interested. 

I'm rather ignorant about OSM's international contacts, so I just tried 
google. This seems to be the project Nagarjuna talked about:


These pages suggest there are already contacts between openstreetmap.org 
and mappers in India:
The second one mentions the openstreetmap editor JOSM. Actually, I see his
name as a workshop leader there too. If JOSM is used in India too, it 
should be doable to exchange data.

India is rather empty on our map yet:

Converting the AND data should be rather straithforward since we already have 
a conversion script. Intergrating it may be not too much work since most of 
our map is empty. It will be more difficult to integrate it with data 
collected by the India project. But that is where it starts to become 

vriendelijke groet,


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