[OSM-dev] Osma style guides

Colin Marquardt colin at marquardt-home.de
Tue Sep 18 20:14:15 BST 2007

spaetz <osm at sspaeth.de> writes:

> Hi all, I am still impressed by steve Chilton's talk at last SOTM,
> especially when it comes to the consistency (or inconsistency) of
> renderer styles, color choices and such. I know that I've been
> pulling colour codes out of my nose whenever I needed some. It is
> clear, that we'll never reach consistency this way...
> I've been thinking whether we should create a wiki page and
> develop something along those lines. Would peopple be interested
> in joining in and discussing/developing such guidelines? WOuld sth
> like this be useful at all?

I'm in, even without any experience :)

Apart from color brewer that Richard mentioned, I found the
following a few days ago when we talked on IRC:

* http://makingmaps.wordpress.com/2007/07/16/map-color-resources/
* http://cssjuice.com/25-popular-color-scheme-and-palette-generators/ 


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