[OSM-dev] AND import nearly complete

ante at ffii.org ante at ffii.org
Thu Sep 20 12:15:30 BST 2007

On Thu, September 20, 2007 12:12 pm, Ludwig M Brinckmann wrote:
> What is the state of the Chinese part of the AND data? Has anyone looked
> at
> the data yet? Will it be possible to upload that data with exactly the
> same
> scripts?

They have not yet been released by AND. As to the scripts: if we do not
find bugs in the output, the same scripts should work.

There are some things to be done manually, the AND data has "land"
borders, at the land side it is the border, at the sea side it is where
the land stops, not the territorial border. So a huge circular border has
to be split.

For extraction of planet data we used land border plus extended sea border
(for in case osm has data outside the AND sea border). In this set
deletions were made.

For checking results of uploading, a border was used just some 10-20 miles
outside the border, a "greater" NL. In this set the deletions of set 1
were made, then the new data was uploaded. We could then see the situation
at the border after uploading.

Finally the AND sea border was used to make coastlines.

In India people are working on free geo data, things are going to happen
like importing data into osm. It would be good to have the main roads in
first, and then add local data. So let's hope AND will release India and
China soon.

vriendelijke groet,


vriendelijke groet,


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