[OSM-dev] Trial clickable POI layer

Sven Braun sven.braun at gmx.de
Thu Sep 27 13:32:50 BST 2007

I want to use the clickable layer too.
therefore i used the samples of this mailinglist, but it doesnt work.
i put a small txt file on my server and create an text layer which 
wouldnt be
can anybody help me to find my mistake ?

many thanks and a nice day

Martijn van Oosterhout schrieb:
> Hi,
> I've played with OL today and with some help from crschmidt I got the
> following working:
> http://kleptog.org/temp/test3.html
> It displays a mapnik map, with POIs over the top. Now, they basic
> functionality, but:
> 1. There's a lot of POIs in some areas. It maxes out a displaying 100,
> but we probably need to come up with a better algorithm.
> 2. The icons suck, but they're only ones I could find quickly. I'm
> thinking of extracting the icons from Osmarender.
> 3. Only a few tag types are supported, basically the ones I could find
> images for. Actually, I suppose the POI rules could be copied from
> osmarender too...
> 4. The popups suck rocks too. Anybody know a site with OL popups that
> don't suck?
> One direction is see for this is a public transport layer, displaying
> bus stops and stuff, but I couldn't find any suitable images for
> anything other than trains.
> I think this method is better than the POIs on the tiles, since here
> we can make them selectable (choose which things to see).
> Anyway, if people like it I'll move it to dev, so it'll be much
> snappier. Just after I work out how to create a postgres db there...
> Have a nice day,

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