[OSM-dev] Building quadtile-capable rails_port on OS X

David Siegel david at artcom.de
Fri Sep 28 22:41:20 BST 2007

Hi Richard,
Hi everyone,

On 28.09.2007, at 19:36, Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> I'm trying to update my local install to the latest version, which of
> course includes quadtiles - and this requires a function library to
> be installed for MySQL.
> Has anyone successfully achieved this under OS X?

Well, I don't have a full featured installation but I managed to plug  
libquadtile.so. The trick is to link the library using -bundle not - 
dynamiclib. I don't know why but some packages like mysql and python  
don't load normal shared libs on OS X. Mapnik for example does.

Anyway, the attached Makefile should work on both platforms.

	david (agnat)

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