[OSM-dev] Building quadtile-capable rails_port on OS X

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Sep 30 21:32:53 BST 2007

David Siegel wrote:

> Well, I don't have a full featured installation but I managed to  
> plug libquadtile.so. The trick is to link the library using -bundle  
> not -dynamiclib. I don't know why but some packages like mysql and  
> python don't load normal shared libs on OS X. Mapnik for example does.

That works really well. Thanks.

Even under MySQL 5.1, I had to put the library (or, at least, a  
symlink to it) in /usr/local/lib. plugin_dir doesn't appear to make  
any difference.

Tom - could I suggest you replace the current makefile with David's  
one? I won't commit it myself as makefiles are like voodoo to me.


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