[OSM-dev] possible changes to osmarender.xsl

Mark Huizer xaa+openstreetmap at dohd.org
Sat Sep 29 15:41:57 BST 2007


Since a few days I've been having a look at osmarender.xsl, to see if I could fix some of the errors I've been seeing in my t at h client. As a first warning: my first real look at xsl started approximately a week ago :)

I am trying to fix the recursion problems in a few of the templates. Since I'm still thinking about the best solution for getPathLength, I started with areaExtentLeft, Right, Bottom and Top, which should now be able to work on ways with quite a large number of segments.

Please review them at http://www.dohd.org/~xaa/OSM/osmarender/ where I've placed my changed osmarender.xml and a diff from the svn version to my version.

If it's okay and useful, I'll move on with getPathLength



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