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Milo van der Linden mlinden at zeelandnet.nl
Wed Apr 2 09:01:12 BST 2008

I would vote for setting up a new renderer for this since it is a 
specific maptype, for small regions on the globe. The main OSM render 
server is already pretty heavilly loaded. Perhaps the dutch OSM chapter 
can advice since they have done a couple of succesfull spin-off's from 
the main map like the: "Carnaval-kaart" and the "Fryske-kaart"?

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely cheer for a Piste Map! But I think it's 
demands will differ from the general map. For instance; I think that a 
detailed hightfield would also be something that might be a requirement 
for the near future. And I would also try to colorize the main map for 
it to show other detail.

Some suggestions:
- Set up a new render server
- Ask the people at OSM if the domain-name skimap.openstreetmap.org can 
point to this server
- Set up color and symbology schemas and start rendering
- Add this maptype to all the openlayers clients around that want to 
show ski-maps.

Or am I being rude?

Martijn Pannevis schreef:
> Raphael Studer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A coworker of mine and I implemented some osmarender rules for the
>> piste map proposal
>> (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Proposed_features/Piste_Maps).
>> We would like to add them to the render.
> I'm interested in this. I always find it strange that not many 
> real-world maps have ski areas.
> Are there any places where these tags apear in the real world? As in: 
> Can I see them (and how do they currently look? Not rendered?)
> Kind Regards,
> Martijn Pannevis.
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