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Raphael Studer studerap at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 12:00:11 BST 2008

> I would vote for setting up a new renderer for this since it is a
>  specific maptype, for small regions on the globe. The main OSM render
>  server is already pretty heavilly loaded. Perhaps the dutch OSM chapter
>  can advice since they have done a couple of succesfull spin-off's from
>  the main map like the: "Carnaval-kaart" and the "Fryske-kaart"?
>  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely cheer for a Piste Map! But I think it's
>  demands will differ from the general map. For instance; I think that a
>  detailed hightfield would also be something that might be a requirement
>  for the near future. And I would also try to colorize the main map for
>  it to show other detail.

I agree with you, that in some cases the demands differ. But i guess
it would be good to see things as e.g. aerialways on the map,
elsewhere you'll find restaurands in the middle of nowhere. If you
draw the aerialways, why not adding pists as well?
IMHO there are two small differences between a carnival map and a piste map:
- in ski aereas there is nothing else around to map than lifts and
pists. In a "carnival-aerea" there is.
- the lifts are there the whole year, carnival is just some months (at
least in switzerland :)

>  Some suggestions:
>  - Set up a new render server
>  - Ask the people at OSM if the domain-name skimap.openstreetmap.org can
>  point to this server
>  - Set up color and symbology schemas and start rendering
>  - Add this maptype to all the openlayers clients around that want to
>  show ski-maps.

-> www.openpistemap.org :)

>  Or am I being rude?
Not at all. I guess you are from the netherlands, so you don't have
that much ski areas there and thus you have just a different point of

Best Regards


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