[OSM-dev] New Yahoo plugin concept and its problems

Francisco R. Santos frsantos at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 12:51:26 BST 2008

On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 1:30 PM, Robert (Jamie) Munro <rjmunro at arjam.net>

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> |
> | The idea is the following: embed a Firefox inside JOSM to display a
> dynamic
> | background of Yahoo images, or better, an OpenLayers canvas with many
> layers
> | (Yahoo, Osmarender, Mapnik...)
> |
> | Some time after coding the Yahoo plugin, I started investigating another
> | approach to the plugin, but didn't get to anywhere because of the
> immature
> | status of the libraries to be used. Recently, because of some problems
> | reported with this plugin (firefox window not closing in linux, and
> today
> | reported error with FF3), I revised the libraries to see if they are
> more
> | mature, and found that it may be usable [1]. There are several libraries
> | that can embed a browser in Java, but currently only two libraries that
> I
> | know are still supported and in development: SWT [2] and MozSwing [3].
> |
> | The first one is the library used by the Eclipse project (from IBM),
> and is
> | heavily supported and developed.It supports native browsers (IE, FF,
> | Safari), but requires a big download per O.S.  The second one is a new
> | library, still under development, but very promising. Supports only
> FF, but
> | until some patches are included in the final FF branch, a big download
> (a
> | custom XUL Runtime) is also needed.
> There is a project called SwingWT (http://swingwt.sourceforge.net/)
> which is a reimplimentation of the Swing libraries, using the SWT widget
> set. If you ported JOSM to use this (which should almost as simple as a
> global search and replace), then you would have an SWT version of JOSM.
> Because one of the features listed for SwingWT is "SWT components can be
> directly accessed through the API, allowing mix and match (make Eclipse
> plugins with Swing!)" you should then be able to use SWT's browser
> embedding features easily.
> SWT is lighter than Swing because it uses the native widgets, rather
> than widgets written in Java.
Hi  Robert,

I had to spent my time with personal problems recently, so I haven't touch
this idea for some weeks, but I have a proof of concept of the plugin, which
is currently working within JOSM,  with some very basic integration with
OpenLayers and some browsing cache. However, I abandoned the Firefox/SWT
idea in favor of  a fully Java Swing browser[1], since I had too many
problems with the integration of SWT in JOSM.


[1]: http://lobobrowser.org/cobra.jsp
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