[OSM-dev] Application for GSoC

Arindam Ghosh makghosh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 05:12:36 BST 2008


As discussed in

 I18n of OSM pages and map tiles

    * How many times should a tile be rendered: one per language
defined in the system, or one per language defined in the zone? How to
define zones (countries): polygons, or tile sets (like osmarender's
z12 land/sea)? Ivansanchez 11:47, 8 April 2008 (BST)

    * Let me put it in this way that, a tile/zone will be rendered
separately for a particular language defined in the system, only if
its' tranlations are available for that language at that point of
time. Otherwise the default renders could be used in areas where
localization is still not done. And zones can be defined as tile sets,
typically at different zoom levels of osmarender. It would be great to
have suggestions about more optimized approach. ArindamGhosh 02:38, 10
April 2008 (IST)

Do you think the zones can be defined in a better way so that it is
more effective from implementation point of view?

Please put up your thoughts...


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