[OSM-dev] Mediawiki problems and requests

Edoardo Marascalchi edoardo at edoardomarascalchi.it
Thu Apr 10 15:52:41 BST 2008

I'm writing this email for the third time..

I'm asking to the wiki admins to:

- enable the Special:Logs/newusers

my new requests are:
- update Mediawiki to the latest release (now 1.9.3 latest 1.12.0)
- enable the "my tickets" function in the trac

So, 2 monts ago (the 2nd time i requested for the new users logs) i was 
told to create a ticket in the trac..
the ticket still open...

Now i submitted 2 new tickets about my new requests..
I'm hoping in a better response..


Edoardo Marascalchi
ICT Consultant

website: http://www.edoardomarascalchi.it
skype: My status <skype:asca_edom?call>

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