[OSM-dev] GSOC application /OSM/ Improved GPS workflow with JOSM

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Apr 11 16:18:06 BST 2008


>>  I just chatted with our server admin TomH and he thinks that the
>>  gpsbabel part might best be done on the server side. It's one of his
>>  long-term ToDo things anyway. I agree. Rather than getting gpsbabel
>>  installed on every users computer, why not make it upload other formats
>>  too and convert on the server side.

>  Thats a great idea .. but what I actually thinking of was some plugin
> to let JOSM do the download from GPS device rather that a long Command
> in CLI( command line interface).

I think this is the important bit... gpsbabel contains an immense amount 
of proprietary protocol/driver code for lots of GPSes. You can't sort 
that out on the server, it has to be done client-side. The actual file 
conversion could be done server-side but then again, if people want to 
process their files in JOSM, they'd have to wait until the server has 
finished processing and then retrieve their tracks back from there or what?

Frankly I see more problems than merit in a server-side solution. Not 
least because nobody in their right mind would upload a proprietary 
format GPS file to some server without knowing what's inside... or would 
they ;-)?


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