[OSM-dev] India and China - AND meeting

Ante ante at ffii.org
Sat Apr 12 08:59:09 BST 2008

On Friday 11 April 2008 10:44:57 Gora Mohanty wrote:
> The parts of the AND data for India that we have had a chance to look at,
> mostly in and around Delhi, were badly incorrect with respect to both
> GPS tracks, and Yahoo maps. So much so, that most of the Delhi street data,
> and some locations have been deleted, and remade from scratch.
> Nay idea if that is a problem with the data themselves, or something that
> went wrong in the import?

The NL import went well, so the scripts shouldn't be the problem. AND 
traditionally was strong in fleet management, were the first to provide a 
world map for that. They are well aware modern day navigation has higher 
demands. Just grab what is useable. 

vriendelijke groet,


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