[OSM-dev] osm2pgsql fails on current data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 13 21:30:42 BST 2008


> Thinking about this more and more: that just isn't going to work, we
> need to discourage people from doing that. And I think i need to add
> some checking osm2pgsql to detect these kinds of errors sooner (i.e.
> before the database). If a way is for two adminn levels, then I
> suggest using two relations using the same way.

We have three options:

1. stricter rules about what is allowed and not allowed, or "wanted" 
   and "unwanted", in the database (that's your "discouraging

2. an automated process that streamlines data upon entering the
   system, or inside the system on a regular basis;

3. "work with what we've got" and fix the data we get out of the 
   system to suit our needs.

Dave's patch is in the spirit of option 3, and frankly I think that
way is the only acceptable way.

I have often thought about writing a kind of "OSM sanitizer", a bit
like the existing tag extractors but much more comprehensive, where
you input a catalog of stuff you're interested in (like: "my software
can only process the following 10 values for the highway tag so please
if something is tagged differently then throw it away/re-tag it as
unclassified/use the nearest phonetic match/whatever") and which
generates output that is guaranteed to conform to the rules that you

If we ever get local language tagging ("de:strasse=autobahn" instead
of "highway=motorway"), then such a preprocessor could also be used
to transform everything into your format.

I think that's in line with the spirit of OSM - everybody enters what
they find important, and everybody extracts what they can use. 

One of those projects!


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