[OSM-dev] Printing the slippy map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 20 10:41:30 BST 2008


> > I have completely given up trying to print all kinds of slippy maps,
> > it never works out the way I want it. I use something like
> > bigmap/MapOf to make a large bitmap and print that.
> Seriously? I find our site works really well since I added the print
> stylesheet. What sort of problems do you see with it?

I'd have to verify how it works *now*, the last time I tried I had
problems with fitting the contents to a page, and the excerpt that was
printed was entirely different from what was shown on screen. But
since I had the same problems with Google et al., I always thought it
was something immanent to the technology used and not buch to be done
about it... good if you managed to do something about it ;-)

(The export tab of course is an even easier way to a nice print.)


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