[OSM-dev] New Export Tab

Patrick Weber p.weber at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Apr 20 12:20:13 BST 2008

Just wanted to congratulate whoever was involved in the development of 
the Export tab. This is an amazing addition to the Slippy Map, and 
really sets OSM apart from VE, GE and all other commercial mapping 
sites. It gives even the most casual user an easy access to the data in 
almost any format they wish! And it works great.

Being the greedy bastard, and given my desire to further OSM usage for 
GIS purposes, I wondered if it would be possible to also create a world 
file (georeference metadata basically)  so that generated images (PNG, 
Jpeg ...) can be readily used as base layers for maps? Alternatively, 
support for geoaware formats such as GeoTiff, ECW or Jpeg2000 would be 
another way to make integration with GIS systems seamless.


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