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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 20 18:25:10 BST 2008


> > Being the greedy bastard, and given my desire to further OSM usage for
> > GIS purposes, I wondered if it would be possible to also create a world
> > file (georeference metadata basically)  so that generated images (PNG,
> > Jpeg ...) can be readily used as base layers for maps?
> I want to (re)make a WMS server on top of OSM data, using mapnik and/or 
> osmarender as a backend. Unfortunately, I can't find the time to get that 
> idea out of the back burner.

I have a halfway working prototype of a WMS server that works by
marrying an embedded C/C++ HTTPD to Mapnik (i.e. no Python involved).
The GetMap call works well already but the GetCapabilities response is
currently hardcoded whereas it should really be created dynamically
from the Mapnik map file, maybe even exposing individual layers
(currently I just offer one combined layer). I am also facing some
trouble with on-the-fly projection. But as long as you're happy with
EPSG:4326, you can already load Mapnik images into your favourite GIS

I hope to have a working service within about two weeks, and will
release the source then. It is, er, a bit on the segfaulty side at the
moment and I have to investigate more. (I'm also unsure whether that
project should live in the OSM SVN or rather on the Mapnik site - not
much OSM about it I guess.)


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