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Patrick Weber p.weber at ucl.ac.uk
Sun Apr 20 19:16:50 BST 2008

Great to hear that you are working on this. I definitely would be using 
such a service, and it would be a great stand-in for the many instances 
where at the moment people use Google Maps or VE.

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> HI,
>>> Being the greedy bastard, and given my desire to further OSM usage for
>>> GIS purposes, I wondered if it would be possible to also create a world
>>> file (georeference metadata basically)  so that generated images (PNG,
>>> Jpeg ...) can be readily used as base layers for maps?
>> I want to (re)make a WMS server on top of OSM data, using mapnik and/or 
>> osmarender as a backend. Unfortunately, I can't find the time to get that 
>> idea out of the back burner.
> I have a halfway working prototype of a WMS server that works by
> marrying an embedded C/C++ HTTPD to Mapnik (i.e. no Python involved).
> The GetMap call works well already but the GetCapabilities response is
> currently hardcoded whereas it should really be created dynamically
> from the Mapnik map file, maybe even exposing individual layers
> (currently I just offer one combined layer). I am also facing some
> trouble with on-the-fly projection. But as long as you're happy with
> EPSG:4326, you can already load Mapnik images into your favourite GIS
> app.
> I hope to have a working service within about two weeks, and will
> release the source then. It is, er, a bit on the segfaulty side at the
> moment and I have to investigate more. (I'm also unsure whether that
> project should live in the OSM SVN or rather on the Mapnik site - not
> much OSM about it I guess.)
> Bye
> Frederik
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