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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
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Export is a very significant feature development, going to change the nature of OSM significantly, for the better. Raddd!

I'd like to see GPS export. Anyone want to work together on a mkgmap service? Or does one exist already?

Tom, does the Export interface allow for offline processing of requests? It might become easier to simply add long running requests to a queue. At the least, some email address or user id would need to be passed through, for notification of a completed job.


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> <quote who="Axel von Matern">
>> - Is it possible to import the XML-file into Illustrator?
> Related question:
> Would it be possible/easy to export a shapefile, or GML, or KML, or any
> other professional-looking format?

Well, ignoring for the time being that little dig about what might or
might constitute "professional looking", the problem (as I understand
it) is that none of those formats is, in and off them themself, enough
for an export format.

What I mean is that you can't just say "export to a shapefile" on it's
own - you have to define some sort of style that controls what attributes
you put on objects on the shapefile (or KML or GML file) and how those
are derived from the OSM data.

I do have some plans for additional formats, but none of those are
high on my list. If on the other hand somebody wants to provide a 
web service that returns such data for a given bounding box, then it
is relatively easy to add them to the UI.


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