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Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Mon Apr 21 18:16:51 BST 2008

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          Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'd like to see GPS export. Anyone want to work together on a mkgmap
> service? Or does one exist already?

I don't understand what you mean? What is GPS export?

> Tom, does the Export interface allow for offline processing of requests? It
> might become easier to simply add long running requests to a queue. At the
> least, some email address or user id would need to be passed through, for
> notification of a completed job.

No, it doesn't.

My original expectation was that I would have to do that, but it
turned out that everything was so fast it wasn't necessary so I did
the "simplest thing that works" and didn't bother with any queueing

Thinking about it more, if you allow requests that are so slow they
have to be queued then you things get vastly more complicated because
you have to start worrying about how to manage the queue and ensure
you don't accept more requests than you can actually process.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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