[OSM-dev] Google Summer of Code

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Apr 22 09:04:51 BST 2008

Google has announced the results of the GsocC applications. We have
received 27 applications, of which only 3 have been an obvious no-effort 
application. 7 of these applications have gotten mentors that would be 
willing to coach the project. These projects were ranked with input from 
me, SteveC, Frederik Ramm and others. We have received 4 slots from 
Google, meaning that the following 4 projects will be paid by Google:

-Internationalization setup for OSM web pages and map tiles
Arindam Ghosh 	Mikel Eruch Maron

-Improved GPS workflow In Java Open Street Map Editor or JOSM
Subhodip Biswas 	Raphael Mack

-Osmarender's WYSIWYG GUI frontend: an hybrid web/
standalone-user/developer oriented architecture approach
Mario Ferraro 	Frederik Ramm

-Route altitude profile based on NASA SRTM data.
Sjors Provoost 	Artem Dudarev
The following three applications had mentor, but did not receive funding 
from Google. I hope they will still try to pursue their project, even if 
not paid. Extra credit goes to Matthew Ludlum for trying very hard to 
get a Mapnik mentor in order to followup the Generalization algorithm 
(how icons/labels are drawn at what zoom level), sorry that it did not 
work out, but with only 4 slots it would have been difficult anyway.

-Support for OSM data in SUAS MapServer
Qian Min 	Dr. Franz-Josef Behr

-Connecting external opening times from wikis with openstreetmap
Johannes Böck 	Sebastian Spaeth

-Replication of the Geoname-Database
Veronica Wendlik 	Hakan Tandogan

Welcome to the new community members, we hope to see their progress 
documented in blogs/wikis and in weekly progress reports (once the 
coding season starts). People, give them a helping hand if needed, we 
all know how steep the OSM learning curve can be.


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