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Patrick Weber p.weber at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 10:36:15 BST 2008

Andy Allan wrote:
> To be honest, I don't see it being particularly useful to do this -
> much easier just to offer pre-made garmin files for different
> countries e.g. UK, Germany or regions e.g. Benelux.
> Or in other words, just automated the production, and work on the
> availability of maps. Most people (outside the community) just want to
> get the map on their gps, rather than fiddle about with picking areas
> and so on.

I agree, I have personnally generated a IMG file including the whole of 
Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East (takes up 190mb). This IMG file 
has been downloaded hundreds of times a month from my server, generating 
roughly 200gb of traffic in the last month. There is definitely demand 
there for such OSM outputs. Given that most newer GPS devices capable of 
displaying maps come with SD expansion slots (and you can get 2gb SD 
cards for sub 20 pounds/euros/dollars), nobody bothers anymore 
downloading only small bits of maps, but just go for the whole continent 
or even world... As long as its already there.

Computerteddy's IMG tiles which he generates on a regular basis and 
offers for download I think would be the best way to do this. So 
basically prerender IMG tiles for the whole world (each tile covering 1 
degree square), and then from these prerendered tiles, you can generate 
downloads (combine individual tiles into one gmapsupp.img, which is 
really fast with mkgmap) of whole countries, continents, the world.
Most users would welcome the fact that for example a IMG of France would 
include some adjacent areas of Germany, Switzerland ... . Prerendering 
would also limit the computational impact, which could be done on a 
weekly basis to coincide with the Mapnik slippy map update.

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