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Frederik Ramm schrieb:

> ALL problems regarding read-access scalability can be solved by  
> implementing a proper "feed" mechanism (or DB slaves or whatever you  
> want to call it). We have made steps in that direction with the  
> weekly dumps, daily diffs, hourly diffs, and OsmXAPI is doing its  
> best to keep a current data set with these services. Tiles at Home read  
> requests have already moved off the main API to OsmXAPI, and OsmXAPI  
> scales perfectly. 

Did I miss something? According to my copy of T at h it's still asking the
main API for data.

> I think if we invest a bit more work in that direction, then we'll  
> end up with a central database that will only serve live editor read/ 
> writes, and everything else can be run from the slaves. It's not  
> exactly a low-hanging fruit but not that difficult either, and the  
> reward is not having to worry about numbers of read requests.

+1 for slave databases using minutely diffs. (is openstreetmap.de ready
for a german mirror yet?)

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