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Wed Apr 23 21:28:53 BST 2008

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> > > On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 3:22 PM, Gora Mohanty <gora at sarai.net> wrote:
> > > >  I work on internationalisation, and localisation issues, especially
> > > >  as these pertain to Indian languages, and would be glad to help out
> > > >  on this project. I hope that there is no need for me to become an
> > > >  official mentor, as I cannot always guarantee having time available
> > > >  when needed.
> > > 
> > > That's great...:) Can you please provide some pointers regarding
> > > implementation of lingatures and vowel positioning of Indic scripts. I
> > > would like to study how much of these would be required pertaining to
> > > project.
> > 
> > I wouldn't have thought you should have to worry about that much
> > really - if you've got valid UTF and you use an appropriate text
> > rendering library then that sort of stuff should sort itself out.
> Rendering Indic characters into glyphs is not so straight forward -- the
> fonts require a lookup table or state machine to account for all the
> variations in character combination.

That's essentially the same as the shaping issue with Arabic isn't
it? Which as Jon says, was solved in mapnik by using the icu library
which is supposed to know about these things.

> For the web site, yes I think we can rely on the browser for this, with
> testing of course. For other pieces of the ecosystem, it will need more
> inquiry, if there's time this summer. I am aware that IndicTrans has been
> working on an open source solution, but not sure how much work it will be
> to integrate.

Translating the web site is a major problem in and off itself. That's
nothing to do with what languages are supported, it's all to do with
the infrastructure and how you separate translatable elements from code


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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