[OSM-dev] Problems with externals for OSM Rails port

Gora Mohanty gora at sarai.net
Thu Apr 24 10:45:49 BST 2008

  I am trying to set up the OSM site locally, and am having problems
with fetching a couple of the externals in
1. svn co svn://errtheblog.com/svn/plugins/classic_pagination classic_pagination
   fails with a "Connection refused" error.
2. svn co svn://suven.no-ip.org/rails/plugins/output_compression output_compression
   is failing with a "Connection timed out" error. I will keep trying this
   site, but I can ping it with no packet loss, and reasonable latency.
Any ideas on alternative repositories? A Google search turns up a thread
recommending switching away from classic_pagination. I managed to get
output_compression from
but am not sure if it is the correct version

Thanks for any help.


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