[OSM-dev] Yahoo imagery usage in Merkaartor : ok requested

bvh bvh-osm at irule.be
Thu Apr 24 20:12:26 BST 2008

Chris Browet has been working on getting Yahoo map support in
Merkaartor. His first implementation downloaded tiles directly
from Yahoo. On advice from the OSM community we disabled this
since it was felt this would go against the Terms of Usage of Yahoo :
we had to use the flash of javascript API to get to the image.

Since then he has implemented a second method :
this uses the Qt port of the Webkit html rendering engine to 
render the following webpage
(Btw the JOSM yahoo through firefox plugin uses the same page)

The webpage is rendered offscreen and cropped to the appropriate
image through this code
Tiles are then managed with QMapControl by Kai Winter and
used to construct the background image and are not permanently

I strongly believe this is 100% equivalent to the JOSM Yahoo
plugin from the point of view of Yahoo. If no serious concerns
are raised, I will release a binary release of Merkaartor
with the Yahoo maps ability in the next week.

cu bart

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