SteveC steve at asklater.com
Wed Aug 6 18:31:48 BST 2008

I took a ride in a NAVTEQ vehicle yesterday at the ESRI User  
Conference in San Diego.

Basically the guys drive you around and show you how they add streets  
and points of interest. It's a 4x4 car with six cameras on the roof  
and a shiny GPS antenna. Up front they have a driver calling things  
out and someone in the passenger seat entering the info on a screen  
with a pen tablet.

The software looks very much like JOSM except for two things.

First it allows you to scribble notes on the map quickly. The guys  
said they spend about two days editing data for every one on the road,  
and a lot of it is investigating notes that they've scribbled it  
seems. The scribbling is done with the pen tablet thing and appears as  
yellow lines on the map, which is black background and looks ,uch like  
JOSM with nodes and ways.

Second they have several banks of PoI icons and road attributes and  
they click on them then click on the map to add them. There may well  
be something like this in JOSM by now?



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