[OSM-dev] Strange: nodes appearing at Lat 0 Lon 0 - Additional Info

m*sh hy at sha-mash.de
Wed Aug 6 21:14:14 BST 2008

Am Mi, 6.08.2008, 19:43, schrieb Tom Hughes:
> m*sh wrote:
>> The HTTP-Request-Method is DELETE.
> No, the request method is PUT which is why they aren't being deleted.
excerpts wiki:
Purpose 	HTTP Method and URL 	Payload
Request 	Response
Creation 	PUT /api/0.5/<objtype>/create 	XML per DTD 	id
Retrieval 	GET /api/0.5/<objtype>/<id> 	n/a 	XML per DTD
Update 	PUT /api/0.5/<objtype>/<id> 	XML per DTD 	empty
Deletion 	DELETE /api/0.5/<objtype>/<id> 	n/a 	n/a
So, is the wiki wrong?

Actually I am using a 'put' command but the Request method should be DELETE
I've changed it and got the same results :-(

> You should stop using yMap (whatever that is) until it is fixed...
It's my mapper I wrote some five years ago and since I heard from OSM in
June I am trying to make it work with OSM-Data as well.
(Just as a short explanation)

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