[OSM-dev] Strange: nodes ...(NOT solved)

m*sh hy at sha-mash.de
Wed Aug 6 22:44:53 BST 2008

Am Mi, 6.08.2008, 21:23, schrieb Tom Hughes:
> m*sh wrote:

> I don't understand what you mean by this - how do you send a DELETE
> request with a PUT method? Are you saying you put something in the XML
> that you expected would trigger a delete?
I am using a component/object that has two methods to connect via HTTP:
(no DELETE!)

but there is a REQUEST modifier, that actually should do this by sending
the respective header-values
(At least that's what the specs are saying)

> You certainly can't delete anything with a GET!
Yeah, thats obvoious, I wrote that after checking, that the deleted nodes
did not end up at Lat 0.0 Lon 0.0 but realized that the actual process of
deleting did not take place.

- guess I need a break...


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