[OSM-dev] Strange: nodes ...(solved?)

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Wed Aug 6 22:23:24 BST 2008

m*sh wrote:
> Am Mi, 6.08.2008, 20:24, schrieb Tom Hughes:
>> No, you misunderstood. You should be doing DELETE but when I looked at
>> the logs for that node you gave the ID for I could see you were actually
>> sending a PUT request.
>>> Actually I am using a 'put' command but the Request method should be
>>> ---
>>> I've changed it and got the same results :-(
>> I very much doubt that. People delete nodes all the time without these
>> problems. I think you must still be doing a PUT if you are seeing
>> problems.
> Sorry, you misunderstood, because my framework does not have a
> DELETE-Command for HTTP-Communication. That's why I was using the DELETE
> as Request - (with a put command).

I don't understand what you mean by this - how do you send a DELETE 
request with a PUT method? Are you saying you put something in the XML 
that you expected would trigger a delete?

> And when you wrote
>> No, the request method is PUT which is why they aren't being deleted.
> I thought I should exchange the DELETE-Request for a PUT-Request.
> Which actually resulted in the same unwanted behaviour.
> Now I have echanged the HTTP-PUT-COMMAND into a GET which didn't require
> the payload as well - and it seems to work. I'll do some testing and clean
> up.

You certainly can't delete anything with a GET!


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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