[OSM-dev] Call to mobile developers: OSM binary file format

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at Wolschon.biz
Thu Aug 7 14:13:40 BST 2008

On Thu, 7 Aug 2008 13:07:11 +0000, "Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason" <avarab at gmail.com> wrote:
> There's a reason people use XML, it's an interchange format but binary
> formats aren't, they're meant for specific architectures or purposes.
> Which is not to say a discussion like this one isn't useful, you'll
> probably get all sort of ideas from different embedded developers. But
> I for one would be very surprised if every embedded developer would
> end up using the same binary format.


yes I doubt that such a thing will happen too.
But some may and they get to have a choice in
developing and debugging their own format or
use a working format with documentation, export-
, debugging- and import-tools and working code
already existing.


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