[OSM-dev] Question: Symbols in JOSM

m*sh hy at sha-mash.de
Sat Aug 9 17:37:49 BST 2008

Am Sa, 9.08.2008, 16:34, schrieb Christoph Eckert:
> Hi,
>> What does this mean?
> maybe you applied senseless tags to nodes.
What's senseless with this?
  <node id="284158640" lat="47.9064667" lon="7.9493833" user="m*sh"
visible="true" timestamp="2008-08-06T08:20:51+01:00">
    <tag k="ele" v="1158"/>
    <tag k="source" v="survey"/>
    <tag k="natural" v="mountain"/>
    <tag k="tracktype" v="grade2"/>
    <tag k="surface" v="unpaved"/>


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