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m*sh hy at sha-mash.de
Sat Aug 9 19:24:31 BST 2008

Am Sa, 9.08.2008, 17:12, schrieb 80n:
> On Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 5:37 PM, m*sh <hy at sha-mash.de> wrote:
>> What's senseless with this?
>> ---------------------------------------------------
>>  <node id="284158640" lat="47.9064667" lon="7.9493833" user="m*sh"
>> visible="true" timestamp="2008-08-06T08:20:51+01:00">
>>    <tag k="ele" v="1158"/>
>>    <tag k="source" v="survey"/>
>>    <tag k="natural" v="mountain"/>
>>    <tag k="tracktype" v="grade2"/>
>>    <tag k="surface" v="unpaved"/>
>>  </node>
>> ---------------------------------------------------
> tracktype=grade2 and surface=unpaved are more commonly associated with
> ways
> than with nodes.

Well, the dataformat I have developped for my mapper is unfortunately
completely different to the OSM-Format.

E.g. there is no such thing as a 'WAY'.

Instead each WP contains a list of node-ids that it is *connected to*.
(Which are usually two other nodes in case of a way or three or more in
case of a junction, or just one if it's a dead-end - or even zero for a
building or other POIs)

Thus the connections are used by my renderer to establish 'ways' just on
the screen (or used for routing purposes) - and thus I do not have tags to
export for ways in a specific manner.

But in order to get my Data into OSM without losing too many information
I've been asking around in the forums and other mailing lists where I have
been told to tag as much information as possible.
And very detailed information is available. I won't go through more than
130.000 nodes and re-edit them before uploading.

I've done a lot of work to 'convert' the properties of my system into tags
as it is described in


I thought it doesn't matter what kind of tags you assign to anything.

Furthermore especially unpaved ways and tracks are changing every now and
then - which was the very reason why I do not have ways with their own

Sometimes it's cobblestones, threehundred meters onward it's just an
almost invisible mud-track, and finally turns to a paved way before you
arrive at a hut or something (back in civilization).

And this is the reason why in my system every node has these attributes -
because it's changing.
I am trying to put my data into OSM best as I can and in a manner that
will be useful for those interested in the specific areas, but I'd
actually be glad if this doesnt take as long as it took me to collect the
data (which is five and a half year now).


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