[OSM-dev] Chopped of ways. New flag for OSM XML?

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu Aug 14 06:44:57 BST 2008

Karl Newman wrote:
> Even still, it's a valid concern and there are other operations (i.e., 
> cutting into tiles or tag transforms) that can manipulate the data 
> into a form that probably shouldn't be uploaded.
> Karl
Yep, agree.  If it wasn't the default behaviour it would just be far 
less likely to occur :-)

There was discussion a while ago about creating some form of super 
bounds element at the top of osm files to indicate which system the data 
is compatible with (eg. production api versus a dev environment).  
Perhaps something like that would be more appropriate than resorting to 
tags on every modified entity?  You could get extra funky and generate a 
unique id for each database upon installation that allows tools to check 
for compatibility (subversion does this I believe) ... perhaps a simple 
user entered db name would be more than sufficient.

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