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Karl Newman siliconfiend at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 14:28:04 BST 2008


> I'm not sure if I understand things fully, but I thought that e.g. for
> offline editing you can request the map data about an area from the
> mapserver. Say 45.5N to 45.7N, 4.3E to 4.4E.
> Now while "exporting" from the database, the question is: What do you
> do with ways that are only partially inside that area? Either you
> don't export them alltogether. But in for example an offline editor
> this can look very odd: some ways near the edge will be missing
> because they are partially outside the selected area.
> You can also include nodes outside the area, and deliver complete ways.
> This also looks odd, as at the boundary some ways will continue
> outside, and again the temptation will exist to add ways outside the
> area, although they are already present in the full database.
> So apparently a choice has been made to chop off ways outside the
> selected area.
> Those need to be marked in a way that won't interfere with current use
> of those ways, as well as inform interested parties/programs that a
> more complete way is available on the server.
> My personal choice would be to move towards the server delivering all
> ways that have at least one point inside the area. If you request two
> neighbouring areas some ways will be reported double....
>        Roger.

The main api server does return complete ways that have at least one point
inside the area. This discussion was about the behavior of other tools
(namely, Osmosis) that manipulate the OSM data offline.

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