[OSM-dev] Mosques and other features of the Muslim world

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Sun Aug 17 17:33:32 BST 2008

I'm trying not to flame, troll or to start a flamewar.

Mikel Maron schreef:
> I think it's totally valid to say that OSM default map has a global 
> symbology for hospitals and whatever other symbols. I also think it's 
> valid to explore whether another approach is feasible/desirable.

Exactly; so it could be good, as I suggested in my first email to serve 
different tile contents based on different geographical positions. I 
think we can pragmatically say that the original developers have 
different cultural backgrounds and we need to address the issue with 
localization in mind. So from my point of view it could be every 
interesting for lets say country X, to serve symbols and names that are 
accepted in country X as the defacto symbols, and have the appropriate 
translations for countrynames, rivers, etc.

Looking at the current events on 'map capturing' and 'renaming' of 
certain areas it might be a very valid point just to allow different 
views on the matter.


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