[OSM-dev] hack weekend - what to be done?

Martijn van Exel mvexel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 08:35:27 BST 2008

Hi dev,

We've yet to determine a date and scope for the next hack weekend.  
While I'd be more than happy to make the practical arrangements, I'd  
like to have someone else take the lead determining the scope, ie what  
we're going to accomplish. Lesson learned from the last hack weekend  
is that we could do more if we discuss the scope in advance.

In order to be able to fund the weekend with the NLNet money, we have  
to keep in mind the goals set in the proposal originally sent to NLNet:
     *  To maintain the overall quality of data while maintaining an  
open architecture.
     * To enable broader participation in the free and open map
The following sub-projects were defined to help reach these goals:
# 3.1 1. Monitoring and Rollback
# 3.2 2. Mobile Editor
# 3.3 3. Map annotation for the rest of us
# 3.4 4. Language Tools

So in order to be eligible for NLNet funding, the tech scope of the  
weekend should loosely fit these topics.

Who is willing to take the lead in this?


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