[OSM-dev] Osmarender Frontend GSoC project: new release

Mario Ferraro fadinlight at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 02:13:26 BST 2008


I've just released the new version of Osmarender Frontend. For those who 
were at SOTM, the features are (more or less) the same (most of the work 
has been done to refactor the code, however now a read only tree view of 
the rules is ready). For all the others, a new GUI is ready for you :)

All details can be found at


Featuring a screencast (viewable online and downloadable), links to the 
online version, to the offline one, svn, updated wiki, etc.

Obviously thanks to my mentor Frederik Ramm and... well, the list would 
be so long, it's 3 am here and I wouldn't like to forget anyone...!

Any feedback in the wiki or by mail is obviously again much appreciated. :)


Mario Ferraro

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