[OSM-dev] Update osm2pgsql patch mode

Martijn van Oosterhout kleptog at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 22:12:44 BST 2008

Due to the generous contribution of a (loan of a) machine from Richard
Duivenvoorde I had the opportunity to examime the bottlenecks in the
osm2pgsql patching process. I fixed a number of stupid problems and
switched to GIN indexes. It now takes on this machine 24 hours to load
the planet dump (!) (that's with 1.5GB cache) but it can apply a daily
diff in 100 minutes and a minute diff in seconds.

I hope to be able to analyze exactly where the time is going over the
next while to see what improvements can be made (I'm sure there's
lots). I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a nice day,
Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog at gmail.com> http://svana.org/kleptog/

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