[OSM-dev] Strange 412 error on relation upload / reason: integrity problem

ivom ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be
Thu Aug 28 13:44:52 BST 2008

Is there some sort of generic way to fix these kind of problems manually?

Currently I am struggling to add ways (25072136) to relation 5286 and get 
the same problem.


On Thu, 12 Jun 2008, Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Hi,
>   I had this once in the past already, and it happened again today. A
> perfectly valid looking relation returns a 412 error on upload. You
> check all the ways in the relation, they all seem to exist. You look at
> the ruby code and find that the relation upload also verifies the
> integrity of the ways (maybe unnecessarily...) and you check those. You
> find that one of the ways - in my case, way #23570555 - references a
> deleted node (#25934779).
> You check the history and find that the most recent version of that way
> present in the history tables does *not* reference the deleted node.
> So, for some reason, the node seems to have been deleted from the way,
> the history table was updated, but the current table wasn't.
> Bye
> Frederik
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