[OSM-dev] openstreetbugs to the main-side

John07 osm at jonas-krueckel.de
Fri Aug 29 18:21:31 BST 2008

some days ago somebody started contributing to osm here in my osm-area. 
He helped to correct the map although he didn´t edit any data. He simple 
used openstreetbugs.
If you speak with osm-newbies they often say that it is too dificult to 
edit the map. Then i say, hey, look at openstreetbugs, this is really 
Therefore i think we have to put openstreetbugs on the main-side 
Either we make a big link to openstreetbugs or we integrate 
openstreetbugs into the main-site. I think the second solution would be 
much better, but the first one is easier.
So what do you think about this? And how could this be done?

P.S. Sorry for my poor englisch.

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