[OSM-dev] openstreetbugs to the main-side

Gregory nomoregrapes at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 29 18:31:10 BST 2008

With Potlatch it shouldn't be hard to add something, although this does
require registering and maybe a bit of reading.
I had wondered before why there wasn't a link from the main map, so I'm all
for someone adding it.

2008/8/29 John07 <osm at jonas-krueckel.de>

> Hi,
> some days ago somebody started contributing to osm here in my osm-area.
> He helped to correct the map although he didn´t edit any data. He simple
> used openstreetbugs.
> If you speak with osm-newbies they often say that it is too dificult to
> edit the map. Then i say, hey, look at openstreetbugs, this is really
> simple.
> Therefore i think we have to put openstreetbugs on the main-side
> www.openstreetmap.org
> Either we make a big link to openstreetbugs or we integrate
> openstreetbugs into the main-site. I think the second solution would be
> much better, but the first one is easier.
> So what do you think about this? And how could this be done?
> Jonas
> P.S. Sorry for my poor englisch.
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