[OSM-dev] t at h API still turn off...

spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Sat Aug 30 06:29:50 BST 2008

The queue length is at 0 for all API instances but hasn't been turned on again yet, I guess we can't deny TomH some sleep.

It's extremly frustrating for me too to see the t at e API to be given the lowest prioriy. neither of the other t at h infrastructure runs on OSM-owned or controlled stuff, so the API is really all we need and use from OSM...

And I am looking forward to a performant read-only api that does the "map" call. I know there are at least 2 attempts by Ian dees and blarson to get one and if other's want to chime in and help that would be great. There's at least 2 modular tasks: 1) answer queries efficiently and 2) populate the database with initial osm files b)keep database synched with .osc diffs.

If you want to render a few tilesets inbetween, you can turn on the XAPI fallbackin your configuration file as this is still working.

I'll take a break and get to my real life until the API works again

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