[OSM-dev] Icons for graveyards

Lauri Hahne lauri.hahne at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 20:15:01 BST 2008

2008/8/30 "Marc Schütz" <schuetzm at gmx.net>:
>> > Presumably the Pastafarian version won't be used often; I would in
>> > fact suggest omitting it to avoid pointlessly upsetting someone.
>> Not including one religion because other religions might not like it is
>> a very slippery slope.
> Yes, but as there are probably no pastafarian cemeteries (yet?), the only "applications" would obviously be vandalism and bad jokes.

But honestly, if somebody gets upset from including a symbol like that
then it really is their own fault. It's incredible how people want to
omit stuff because somebody potentially could get upset even if there
was no real reason for anybody to get upset. Sensitivity is one thing
and paranoia or fascistic politically correctness are another thing.

Lauri Hahne

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